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2016 Nurse of the Year

PCNA 2016 NOTY, Marcie Doyle
PCNA 2016 NOTY, Marcie Doyle

Congratulations to PCNA’s 2016 Nurse of the Year, Marcie Doyle!

On Friday, May 6, 2016, Marcie Doyle, BSN, RN, CAPA was recognized as PCNA’s 2016 Nurse of the Year at our Nurses Week Celebration Banquet.

Marcie is described by coworkers as the “go to person” when you have a problem; a collaborator who works with fellow nurses, physicians & ancillary staff with respect, kindness & consideration; and a caring, compassionate nurse who is always striving to gain knowledge.

Marcie has wanted to be a nurse for as long as she can remember. While no one in her family is in a medical career, she witnessed and participated in the caring for others from an early age. As a young girl, she would play with her dolls giving them shots or medicine in an effort to cure them. When her brother was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes at 4 years old, she watched her mom “nurse” him. Marcie also helped take care of animals on the family farm and learned a lot about the reality of the cycle of life and the importance of taking care of all living things.

Since graduating from the University of Portland in May 1994 with a “cum laude” bachelor of science in nursing, Marcie has worked in a variety of clinical setting: from being a charge nurse at a small rural hospital, to a float nurse at a large hospital, to the lone nurse in a surgeon’s office, to a clinical instructor, to a school nurse and most recently back to a surgical nursing unit as a charge nurse at St. Joseph’s Walter Surgery Center.

While working at St. Joseph’s, she’s led the Franciscan Patient Experience Group for four years, was awarded the Daisy Foundation Nursing Award and became a Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesia Nurse.

Marcie’s nursing career has offered her numerous opportunities to assume roles that required a great deal of responsibility, independence & leadership. She has repeatedly taken on these roles with passion and dedication. Marcie is once again up for a new challenge. In May 2016, Marcie began a Master’s Program at Western Governor’s University. Marcie has a desire to, in her words, “teach, lead, and ultimately inspire others to carry on this great work of nursing.”
Marcie and her family are active members of Saint Charles Catholic Church and participate in other various church activities and charitable programs.

We are delighted to have Marcie Doyle as PCNA’s 2016 Nurse of the Year!