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PCNA Board or Committee Volunteers

PCNA encourages members to consider serving on the PCNA Board of Directors or on a committee. Volunteering with PCNA is a great way to gain leadership expertise while promoting and supporting nurses. The PCNA board currently meets monthly (Sept to June) at 4:30pm at the PCNA office in Tacoma. Members can attend remotely by phone. Questions? Email us at office@piercecountynurses.com.


Integration – Meets as needed for the coming year to plan for and support the integration of the new region.

Banquet – Meets 1-2 times a year in the Fall for planning and as needed in the Spring.

Nomination – Places calls and/or emails to pursue candidates for board positions.

Scholarship – Meets 1-2 times at the beginning of April to review scholarship applications and select recipients. 

Fundraising – Meets 2-4 times a year to plan fundraising activities and help procure donations.

Volunteer – Meets in the Fall to plan volunteer opportunities for the coming year. Encourages participation of PCNA members with MRCs.

Education – Meets 1-2 times beginning in the Spring to plan topics for the coming year. (PCNA follows a fiscal year July to June.)

Career Fairs

PCNA attends high school career fairs each year to talk with students about exploring a career in nursing. We would love to have you join us!

Medical Reserve Corps

Back in 2016, PCNA began teaming up with Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps (PCMRC) to give nurses a way to volunteer utilizing their nursing skills. As a registered MRC volunteer, nurses are able to volunteer when a disaster strikes as well as at community events.  

To find out more about becoming MRC volunteer, visit your county’s MRC site: